Plane Old Wood
For 2010 student convention I am making an English Davenport desk. This is my first project and its a big one. Below are some links to some that I like and will use to design mine. I am working on the a Sketchup plan now and I will post it when i am done. I would love to get some woodworkers to follow along as I build and give me some tips and trick.
This is the one I like best.



Larry Clinton
11/29/2010 22:40

Hi Jalen,
That's one challenging project you're planning on doing, but if you take it one step at a time, break it down into sub-assemblies and have a good plan to follow you can do it. Just take your time. I wish I had been more into woodworking when I was younger. My dad was a cabinet maker and then an architect later on in his life As it worked out, I didn't really get into it until I was almost 50, aside from a few small things here and there.
Keep at it and enjoy!

04/18/2013 06:23

Its important to be practical and have control on our emotions. Its really good that you controlled your emotions.

03/14/2014 21:45

great site, keep so !

11/04/2011 09:11

I am in military and going off to Afghanistan & would like to make a desk like this so I can take it over with me. What company did you get the blueprints from? I am leaving in July 2011 & want to get this started & finished so I can ship this over & it is there in the conex with equipment.

Thanks, RLM

01/18/2013 04:42

I have to say the pieces you have created are fabulous! and also some fab antique pieces on the websites you reference. Keep up the good work.


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