Plane Old Wood
I started the project by working on the base. It will have decorative blocks at all the corners and at the ends of the feet. The ones at the ends of the feet will be rounded. The wood I am using for this is 16/4 mahogany it was about 11 inches wide and a little over a foot long.

1.       My jointer will only handle 8 inches so I had to plane sides flat and then join one at 90°.

2.       Then cut to pieces 3 inches wide off of the blank with the table saw.

3.       I used a number 4 smoothing plane to clean up the mill marks and snipe on the ends of the board.

4.       I laid out the total length and two sides of the recessed area.

5.       I laid template over the area that needed the recessed and cut it with a plunge router, using a straight bit.

6.       I then later tapered template over the recessed area and used a Bosch colt to tamper half of the inner area.

7.       I then turned the template around and did the same to the other side.

8.       Then I use the ramp block with sandpaper on the back to guide my chisel and trim the ends at an angle.

9.       This is the chisel to square the corners and trim up the edges.

10.   I made a dimpling tool out of a bolt by cutting it with hacksaw and a file. I saw this on Tommy MacDonald's podcast. When he was doing his Bombee secretary.

11.   Lastly I just wet it with mineral spirits to see what it was going to look like.

Now I have a bunch more than these to make as well as mortise and tenant in the Scriptures in between.

Thanks for watching here's a link to a video of the process I sped up the boring areas to make it shorter.

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