Plane Old Wood
This is a table top that Janae painted for a Thomas the Tank Engine for a friend.


Paul Phillippe Resource Center had a contest for high school kids to design graphics for their new bus.    

from the Frankfort Times De
We would also like to announce the winner of an art contest we held. We were in need of motif to put on our patron bus and wanted it to represent how we feel about ourselves and our activities, therefore we dubbed it the “Young At Heart” Van. I sent out rules and pictures to all the schools to submit a drawing to be used. The winner will sign their name and school to the bus for all to see wherever we take our bus. The grand winner is from The Frankfort Covenant Academy with a very talented artist, Janae Waggoner. We congratulate her on her talent. You will be seeing pictures of the bus and our young winner very soon.


·         Our motto is “Young at Heart”.  We would like to show that we are active and alive. 

·         The picture can be of cartoon nature if you desire as long as it is upbeat.

·         A pictorial design for both sides must be submitted to the Activity Director at Paul Phillippe Resource Center for judging no later than Friday, November 19 12:00 noon.

·         The slogan “Young at Heart” must be included in the design on both sides!.

·         The winning artist will be allowed to sign the bus in the picture area

·         The participants and employees of the senior center will determine the final design.

·         Winner will be announced Tuesday, November 30th, 2010.

Left Side
Right Side