Writing Box - Plane Old Wood
Plane Old Wood
For 2010 student convention I am making a Triple Opening Writing Box with adjustable reading stand. This is my second project. I am a writer so I am exited about this project.  Below is a link to one that I like and will use to design mine. I am working on a Sketchup plan now and  will post it when I am done. I would love to get some woodworkers to follow along as I build and give me some tips and trick. 

This is what I am shooting for.

2/1/2011 02:05:34

A great project.
I'm looking forward to following.

4/18/2013 06:49:05

Jeg finner meg selv igjen tilbringer altfor mye tid til å både lese og kommentere. Men så hva det var fortsatt verdt det!

8/12/2011 04:39:28

ing on a Sketchup plan now and

4/29/2013 09:00:01

esta é uma maneira muito invulgar de se trabalhar com o material.

10/2/2013 15:12:59

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10/16/2013 06:06:00

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10/25/2013 08:47:04

An excellent project and a very helpful piece of gear. Though I'm not a writer I could even see some use for it.

11/20/2013 14:37:38

I like your blog.Thanks for the post.I am waiting for your new post.


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